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Citizens for Truth in Recruiting

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The United States military is currently spending millions and millions of dollars to persuade young men and women that a career in the military is full of promise and opportunity.   We offer this website to those same young men and women and their parents, in order to present a balanced picture of what joining the military entails.

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Signing up for the military isn't like taking a job or registering for a camp or school. It is a serious decision that has lifelong consequences. Recruiters are quick to emphasize the good points about being in the military, but there are many downsides, especially now, with the Iraq Occupation still going on and increased troop strengths in Afghanistan. What recruiters say about life in the military at best omits many facts. At worst, recruiters tell out and out lies to meet the quotas imposed on them by a military constantly in need of more recruits.  (See Recruiter Abuse Hotline at lower left).

  • Lt. Ehren Watada First Lieutenant Ehren Watada, U.S. Army, faced court martial after refusing deployment to Iraq. After a three year struggle inside the U.S. Army Courts-Martial system, the Army has decided to give Watada an administrative discharge rather than pursuing further prosecution.  The Army failed in its first court martial convened against him for "Missing Movement" and "Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and a Gentleman," and sought to retry him.  A U.S. District Court ruled this violated Watada's constitutional protection against double jeopardy.  The Department of Justice was working on an appeal of this decision but halted their work in May 2009.  Watada will be separated and given a discharge "under less than honorable conditions." (Source: Honolulu Star Bulletin, 26 September, 2009)  Watch a video in which Lt. Watada explains his actions. 


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Updated July, 2014