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Resources for Teaching Peace

For High Schools and Youth Groups
Catholic Peace Fellowship has developed a lesson plan for teaching the history of conscientious objection in the context of the Christian Faith.  The plan begins with the story of Franz Jaggerstatter, an Austrian farmer who chose to die rather than serve in the German Army in the Second World War.  Read the full lesson plan here.  (You will need Adobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe icon Download free)

Counter-Recruitment Resources: New York Veterans for Peace provide speakers to enlighten students about the realities to be faced after enlisting in the military.   Click here to see a lesson plan developed by a Bronx high school teacher to accompany a visit by Veterans for Peace speakers.

For Adult Ed
Conscientious Objection and Catholic Church Teaching: a concise statement of Catholic teaching about war.  Get it here.

From Pax Christi USA:

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Chaplain speaks about "Blessing the Bomb"

If you know of other educational resources,  especially from other faith traditions, and would like to share them here, contact us at


Citizens for Selective Service Education
Updated October 10, 2005