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A Veteran Speaks:"And we were all aware of the role the U.S. played during the Cold War. Using the Afghan people as a proxy to get back at the Soviet Union, using the lives of Afghans as political chess pieces and gamesmanship? And so to then be in Afghanistan to help people, to help the Afghan people felt very disingenuous. We never had any clear sense exactly why we were there, what it was that we were supposed to be doing, why these people are shooting at us, who was shooting at us. Who are we shooting at? Why are we shooting at them? And it really eats away at you and it becomes a situation where all you want to do is you just want to come home and want your buddies on your left and your right to come home. And it’s — what are you supposed to do in a situation where you find yourself — you find yourself in a conflict that you don’t agree with, where people are dying on both sides? What are you supposed to do? What recourse do you have? I did not know that the conscientious objector process existed. That’s one recourse you can take. But I didn’t know that that existed. There’s an overwhelming lack of awareness that there’s a formal process where you, when you have a conscientious shift, you can actually leave the military."
Brock McIntosh, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War who served in Afghanistan from November 2008 to August 2009, quoted on Democracy Now 6/6/14



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Updated April, 2016